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Just Like Magic, Change The Look of Your Entire House With New Carpeting From Advance Remodeling.

One of the least expensive ways to completely change the look of large or small areas in your home is through new carpet installation. New carpet installation can add an element of color and style to a room itself, or can be an accent to the pieces of furniture and artwork in the room.  Choosing a color isn’t the only way to add personal style to a space with new carpeting, choose your texture and fiber to complement an existing design style or create something new.

Advance Remodeling can do carpet installation by itself, or as a part of a larger remodeling project. You choose the carpet, and we can do the installation.

Before we Begin

Choosing your shade and texture of carpeting is a decision that should be made after some considerations for budget, design aesthetic, and functionality.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before selecting your carpet choice:

    • How much use will the room get?

A heavily used room is going to show wear more quickly and therefore an elegant, white carpet may not hold up well.

  • What is the room used for?

    A room that is the entertainment center of the home will need to be beautiful, but if the room is used for food and drink a light colored carpet may be inappropriate.

  • Is this room a direct access point from the outdoors?

    Any room connected to a door from the exterior of the home will likely experience heavy soiling and require more maintenance.

  • How much lighting does the room receive?
  • Rooms that don’t receive as much natural light will need to be lighter in color to avoid appearing too dark.

  • What size is the room?

    A large room can carry a darker color, while lighter colors in smaller rooms will create the illusion of more space.

  • Why are you installing new carpet?

  • If you will be enjoying this new carpet for years to come, choose whichever style and color suites you and your room decor.  However, if you are re-carpeting with the intent to sell, choose neutral colors and simple textures to avoid warding off potential buyers who may not share your same style.

Color Selection

Carpet comes in an unrivaled array of colors to choose from.  The color choice you make can create a calm, soothing mood with light, neutral colors or you can create a cheerful mood with bright colors. 

Color coordination can help complete an entire home makeover or redesign a room in your home.  For example, a bedroom with light colors will create a restful place whereas bright colors in your home office or kitchen will spark creativity and imagination.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Carpet is low maintenance, requiring occasional vacuuming and spot cleaning when necessary.  With proper maintenance your carpet can last beautifully for years to come.  Different textures and fiber content can make a big difference in the care and maintenance of your carpet.

Temperature Control

Another benefit of carpeting is its seasonal versatility because it warms your feet in cold weather and doesn’t become too hot in warm weather.


If you are concerned with the safety of a walking surface for your elderly family member or active children, carpet’s non-slick surface will keep you worry free.

Sound Reduction

You can rest assured that carpeting will absorb more noise than other flooring materials because it creates a sound barrier between floors.

The higher the pile of fibers, the better the sound absorption.  However, take into consideration that higher piles are more difficult to clean and not recommended for high traffic areas.

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Carpeting feels great under your feet and creates a comfortable sitting area.  It can come in thick, plush textures or provide a sturdier surface for children to play that will resist spills and clean more easily.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best carpet texture for your space.  Here are some of the types of textures:

Cut Pile

This type of carpeting was made from looped fibers that were cut at the middle to form individual strands. 

Cut Pile carpeting comes in different styles, here are some of the most popular:

  • Velvet plush for a formal, level surface

  • Saxony, or textured plush, has more visible twists but it also smooth and level, it minimizes the appearance of “footprints” that can be visible in velvet plush

  • Frieze appears curly in texture and also minimizes footprints, tight yarn twists makes this look one of the best wearing

Cut and Loop

A combination of cut and looped fibers creates textural interest due to various surface textures and a pattern can be created to create a formal or casual appearance.

Level Loop

Looped fibers at a consistent height stand up well in high traffic areas.  This is a common type of carpeting for businesses because it is easy to clean.

Multi-level Loop

Multi-levels can create a design or be a random variety for a less formal look.  This carpeting is a good choice for high traffic areas and hides dirt and dust, but doesn’t hold up as well as level loop fibers.

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Fiber Content 

Your carpet can be many different types of fibers.  The type of fiber you choose will have a major impact on the durability and appearance of your carpet.  Most carpet is made of synthetic fibers that provide an attractive appearance while requiring minimum maintenance.

Here are some of the types of carpet fibers:


This natural fiber is beautiful and highly sought after for its warmth and luxurious feel, however it is the most expensive fiber and is not as stain resistant as synthetic fibers.


This synthetic fiber is the most popular choice because it is available in a variety of vibrant colors and it is easy to maintain because it resists stains and is durable in the face frequent use.

Olefin (Polypropylene)

Another synthetic fiber, it is a cheaper option than nylon and it is good for outdoor use due to its moisture resistant properties.  It resists mildew and maintains its color in sunlight, however it requires consistent vacuuming because dirt will not stay on top of the carpeting, but will lay at the backing.  It also melts at low temperatures which can cause permanent marks by friction from moving pieces of furniture.


This synthetic can be soft and luxurious as a plush carpet, but is not a good choice for high traffic areas because it has a low melting point that can show wear quickly and it tends to fade in sunlight and lose height.  Polyester resists water based spills and is easy to clean.  Consider a polyester/nylon blend to maximize the benefits of each.


This synthetic fiber can resist mildew, stains, fading, and static electricity while providing the look of wool.  However, it is not the best choice to stand up against heavy traffic.

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Advance Remodeling can provide financing for your carpeting project in Baltimore, too. You can apply for financing regardless of your credit history, and finally have the new carpet you’ve been wanting!

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