There’s Going To Be a Baltimore Heat Wave!

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It’s the middle of summer and the sun’s rays are beating down. The heat is taking its toll on you and a nice breeze is no where to be found. If your home is not a cool safe haven from the heat, it’s time to call Advance Remodeling.

If your home needs air conditioning, look to Advance Remodeling for quality air conditioning service. Don’t wait to install air conditioning until summer days arrive with unbearable heat, call Advance Remodeling even in the winter.

Whether you have air conditioning window units that you’d like to replace with central air, or your existing central air conditioning needs replacement, Advance Remodeling can help. Our quality air conditioning technicians can install a new air conditioning unit for your home and make this summer cool. We can also do carpentry work to finish off any new ductwork that is done on your air conditioning project.

Take a look below at just a few of the air conditioning projects that Advance Remodeling has done in the Baltimore area. And when you’re ready, contact Advance Remodeling of Maryland for your free, no obligation air conditioning estimate.

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Replace Window Units

Many Baltimore City homes still rely on out-dated window units to supply adequate air conditioning for the home. Window mounted air conditioning units are inefficient when compared with newer model central air systems. Utility companies in some areas offer rebates for purchasing energy efficient furnace systems. Check with your local energy provider for more information.

Inefficient window units should be replaced with a central air system. While the expense may be greater up front, switching to a more energy efficient air conditioning system can make a positive and noticeable difference on your future utility bills.

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About Central Air Units

Most central air conditioning systems operate using the same motor, blower and ductwork as the home’s heating system.

Central air systems have a condenser and evaporator. Utilizing the forced air distribution system, the blower moves the hot air through the furnace and into the cooled evaporator coil, then the cooled air travels the home through the duct system to reach the desired temperature.

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Energy Saving Tips

  • Keep in mind that lowering the temperature of your home by one degree can raise your energy consumption by as much as 4%.

  • The higher the difference between the temperature inside your home and the temperature outside, the greater your energy bill will be. Try to keep your thermostat on the highest comfortable temperature.

  • Resist the urge to set the temperature cooler than normal when turning on the unit. Lowering the temperature won’t help the home cool faster and it could result in over cooling and higher energy bills.

  • Run ceiling fans to help move cool air throughout the home and create the illusion of a lower temperature. Fans are most effective at night when the outside temperature is lower than the temperature inside the home.

  • Use landscaping to shade the air conditioning unit, but be sure not to inhibit the air flow.

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Advance Remodeling can make your air conditioning project possible with financing, too. You can apply for financing regardless of your credit history, and finally have the central air conditioning you’ve been wanting!

Contact Advance Remodeling today for your free home air conditioning estimate at 410-532-5400, or click here to send us an e-mail request.

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