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Addition Floor Plans | Factors to Consider

One of most popular and well-used rooms in a
home can be an addition. Weather and
climate often prohibit us from spending time on our
patios or decks, but with an addition, you can enjoy
the sites and sounds of the outdoors with all the
comforts of being indoors.

Many homes have porches, patios or decks
that are easily converted into home additions.
Other homes are most often addition-ready. Either
way, Advance Remodeling can add an addition to expand
your space, and bring some of the outside in.

We do 2-3 season screen
additions, 3-4 season glass additions, and home
expansion additions. We can even install carpet,
electricity, ceiling fans and even heat to make
your addition useable all year long.

Home additions can add
new rooms or expand on existing spaces. Additions
give the opportunity to add a master bath spa to a
master bedroom, add a master bedroom where there
wasn’t an adequate room size, or add an entire floor
level to a home.

Determine the
Floor Plan

The opportunities are
endless when considering home additions. The first
step is to decide which type of addition would suit
your needs. Ask your self the following questions:

Do you need more
room for a growing family?

An additional
bedroom can provide needed room for families to
grow into. Also, consider a major addition, such
as a second floor, if your home is one story.

Do you need a
relaxing space to retreat to where you can enjoy the

Consider the
addition of a sunroom.
Sunrooms are a very popular option for home
additions because they offer scenic views of the
natural environment with the comfort of the

Would you like a
space to finish your work at home?

Add a room to serve
as a home office. Sometimes it can be difficult
to designate a room in the home for work-related
activities. An addition can provide the
opportunity for an office in the convenience of
your own home.

Do you spend a lot
of time at the movies or enjoying local game rooms?

Think about adding a
media room to your home. Media rooms are
becoming popular because they offer a setting to
enjoy media entertainment and gather with
friends around a home bar or game table.

Does your kitchen
seem cramped and uninviting?

Building an addition
outward from the kitchen is a
great way to add space to design a new kitchen
layout and make room for the kitchen island that
you’ve always wanted.

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Factors to Consider

There are many factors
to consider when making decisions regarding home
additions. It is important to think of home
additions in terms of their resale value.

Before seeking price
quotes from qualified home improvement contractors,
consider the following:

The property and

Consider how an addition
will affect your homeowners’ insurance policy and
property taxes when weighing the costs of an

Have the property
surveyed to determine compliance with zoning and
permit laws for building the addition.

The neighborhood

Don’t over-remodel your
home compared to the surrounding homes. There comes
a point where additional home improvement projects
no longer add value to your home.

Have a professional real
estate agent assess your home and property compared
with nearby homes to determine how much is too much.

The demand

Luckily, home additions
can create more space in almost any room in your
home or create a new room altogether! Market demand
is high for master bedroom suites,  exercise
rooms, media rooms, home offices and bigger laundry

If your home doesn’t
boast the extras that buyers want, consider an
addition to create a desirable space for one or more

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Advance Remodeling makes
it easy to afford to have that new addition with financing,
too. You can apply for financing no matter what your
credit history is and finally have the home addition you’ve been dreaming of!

Advance Remodeling
today for your free home
addition estimate at 410-532-5400, or click here to send us an e-mail request.


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