Pursuing our mission to make everyone feel protected, we do not just provide security services – we also offer specialized, hands-on defense training under the supervision of veteran security professionals. We believe that the world around us can only be made more secure if everyone becomes in-charge of their own security – regardless of their age, gender, experience or expertise. To achieve this goal, everyone needs to be trained on fundamental self-defense techniques so they can proactively respond to a situation where their (and of others’) survival is at risk.

Our defense training courses are customized for individuals from different walks of life, such a youth, women, and working professionals. The training is performed by experienced and certified instructors. The curriculum and objectives of training are tailored to suit the group of individuals being trained.

Our defense training courses teach and train individuals on federal and state laws governing the use of force, types of force, the appropriate uses of deadly and non-deadly force, introduction to firearms, safety precautions for firearms, smart techniques of using firearms and complete awareness about the situations demanding self-defense or the use of firearms.


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We consult you to understand your needs, expectations, and requirements and devise a bespoke service plan, tailor-made for you. Providing high-class services at economical rates, we offer you satisfaction and excellent value for money.


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