We have been providing off-duty police officer services to individuals, commercial clients, construction sites, events, government institutions, and private organizations. Our off-duty police officers are professional, licensed, trained and equipped with advanced firearms and are experienced in handling the situations that threaten the life and safety of people.

We are the premier provider of off-duty police officers in Nashville, TN to an extensive clientele that includes entertainment and recreational places, large event venues, hotels, malls, restaurants, schools, estates properties, retail stores, manufacturing sites, healthcare facilities, government institutes, factories and high-security areas. Our successful track record is a testament to the skills and expertise of our qualified off-duty police officers, who have shown tremendous acts of valor in unforeseen situations. Their proficiency and experience is no match with that of private guards since they’ve had the firsthand experience of combatting the most threatening situations – and therefore, they know how to stay calm, hold their nerves and respond proactively to take control of the situation.


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