This is an undeniable reality that everyday situations, which may not pose any threat or harm to the general public, can turn out to be irrevocably devastating for the safety of high net worth personalities, executives, ambassadors, and celebrities. Being a part of private security and law enforcement industry for over 35 years, we know that the risk and challenges to security have exponentially increased and demand more stringent security parameters. We have been providing protection and security solutions to VIPS and executives for over three decades, and have earned their satisfaction and trust through our bespoke, fool-proof and reliable security services. We devise a custom security plan for each client, based on real-world threats, and address all their safety risks and concerns in a professional, proactive and discreet way.

Our executive and VIP security service include a comprehensive threat analysis, strategic planning for movement and protocol, alternate security plans, and real-time Intel from various security sources. We have a team of skilled and experienced VIP security personnel that liaison with law enforcement authorities, to provide you a 360-degree security coverage, wherever you are, wherever you go.


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We consult you to understand your needs, expectations, and requirements and devise a bespoke service plan, tailor-made for you. Providing high-class services at economical rates, we offer you satisfaction and excellent value for money.


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