General Questions

Any mineral makeup powder containing zinc oxide and/ or titanium dioxide offers natural protection from the sun.  Many natural sunscreen brands use these exact minerals in their lotion formulations!  However, as per FDA regulations, extensive (and expensive) testing must be done for any product claiming to have a specific level of SPF.  Therefore, we recommend you use your own SPF product that you feel comfortable with before applying minerals if you want to be assured of your level of sun protection.

Yes, our mineral makeup is highly water and sweat resistant.  Minerals are attracted to the oils in your skin, and will wear nicely all day long.  If you find you are getting shiny/ sweaty, just pat your face with oil blotting paper or a light cotton cloth.  Avoid rubbing your face, as this will displace your makeup.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how long and well your mineral makeup will last!

Mineral makeup will not wash off with only water as it clings to the oils in your skin, making it water resistant.  We recommend a gentle natural cleanser with warm water to wash off.  If you are on the go, a makeup wipe or a cotton cleansing pad dampened with micellar water works wonders as well.  A favourite way to remove mineral makeup at Innomineral is to use a drop of organic olive oil on a cotton makeup round, moisten with a bit of water, and wipe away the makeup effortlessly.

You should choose a lotion that works well with your skin type.  In order for the minerals to cling to your skin, you want to have well moisturized skin.  We have used organic oil blends as a pre-makeup base primer, or a light natural moisturizer.  Once the lotion or oil has been absorbed into the skin, apply the makeup and it will glide on evenly and wear beautifully all day.

Our mineral makeup will keep your skin hydrated and moist.  The natural minerals bind with the oils on your skin and create a barrier that keeps your skin from drying out.  Once again, you need to watch out for other mineral makeup brands that use fillers like talc, or an oil-absorbing agent like kaolin clay.  These are ingredients that will dry out skin.  Unless you have very oily skin, we recommend staying with a pure mineral makeup without the addition of clays or fillers.  If you do find your skin gets shiny during the day, using an oil blotting paper will restore your makeup to a fresh just-applied look.

If you have oily eyelids, we recommend you use a natural primer before applying your makeup.  This will prevent your makeup from creasing during the day.  We are currently formulating and testing our own natural primer formulation; so stay tuned for our product release! 

Due to the light reflective nature of minerals, the overall appearance will be beautiful and glowing for any kind of skin type.  Should you find that some products settle into creases, stay away from the products with the most sparkle, and choose minerals with matte and silk textures.  These minerals will blend best over fine lines and hide small imperfections.  We also recommend spritzing your makeup with a natural makeup setting spray to help create a dewy and blended look.

Unless otherwise noted, all our mineral eyeshadow colors can be safely worn on cheeks and lips.  Our mineral makeup has amazing versatility and works beautifully as a blush, bronzer, highlighter or touch of color on your lips.

Yes, we are happy to say we don’t add any gluten or animal products to our mineral makeup!  You can wear our makeup free of any worries!

Because our mineral makeup contains no fillers, a little goes a long way.  Start with a small amount of product and build your way up to the coverage you desire.  We recommend using densely packed, soft synthetic makeup brushes that will pick up the mineral powders and deposit them gently and evenly onto your skin.  Please see our brushes page to choose the right brush for your mineral makeup application.

Minerals do not support the growth of bacteria and microbes because they are inert and inorganic.  Your makeup will be safe to use as long as you are not getting it wet with other products and being sure to use clean makeup brushes.  We have thoughtfully created a turning sifter style lid that allows you to tap out the amount of product you wish to use while protecting the rest of your product from contamination.  Currently we suggest that our product will be good to use two years following the opening of your jar to ensure product purity.

Yes minerals are natural; no they are not organic. Minerals, such as mica, are rocks mined from the earth and processed into a finely milled powder, then coated with titanium dioxide (another mineral) to create the color you see.  Rocks cannot be organic, and companies that claim their mineral makeup is organic can only do so if they are adding other ingredients that are not minerals such as an organic essential oil or an organic jojoba oil for example.

No!  We do not use micronized or nano-particles in our mineral makeup.  In fact, these particles would be invisible to the human eye and would not work for makeup coverage.  You need to look out for nano-particles when shopping for sunscreen as these do provide sun protection, but can pass through the skin barrier, and be absorbed into your body leading to possible health concerns.

Yes, we do not add any known xenoestrogenic or phytoestrogenic ingredients to our mineral makeup.  Xeno/ phyto-estrogens are any ingredient that may act like an estrogen in your body, causing hormone disruption.  At Innomineral, we believe that what you put on your skin should be safe for you, and we strive to keep our products pure and simple for even the most sensitive people.  Please beware of other natural/ mineral makeup companies that use many additional ingredients and essential oils in their formulations.  These ingredients, though natural, may actually aggravate and cause hormonal imbalances in your body.  Please follow this link for more information on hormonal balance.


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